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  1. S

    Using De-ionized Water to Lower pH

    Hello, I've been looking into keeping Apistogrammas however my local tap water has a high pH and is relatively hard. I understand Apistos prefer softer, acidic water so thought that I could achieve this by mixing my tap water and de-ionized water in a set ratio to reach a desired pH. I take A...
  2. thrujenseyes

    If I were to use water direct from well.....

    I'm going to try and give the short version of my long story: I cycled a little 6 gallon Fluval Edge just over two years ago. I *thought* my water was hard because I'd tested the tap which was coming up 7.5ph. I stocked with 5 little male endlers. Tons of live plants. Over time I kept losing...
  3. C

    Buffer Ph Or Acclimate New Fish Slowly?

    My tap water is medium on the hardness scale, and the pH is naturally around 7.7 or so.   I would like to start a tank for South American fish that need lower pH and soft-medium water. In researching the topic I seem to be getting mixed opinions on whether to adjust the hardness and pH to better...
  4. M

    Buffering Ph?

    I'm intersted in possible breeding my Bristlenose Pleco's but I have read that Pleco's need a PH of about 7.0 and the PH of my water is about 8.0... How can I naturally buffer the PH lower and keep it that way? Or would it be ok to just try and breed them in the 8.0 PH water?   Thanks for any...