bronze corydoras

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  1. A

    Cory eggs what to do?

    Hello I’m new here I have been keeping fish for a while and recently I got two new bronze corydoras and what is my luck that the actually spawned the first time unfortunately all eggs were ruined by other tank mates but they spawned again today and I managed to save 8 eggs I have removed them...
  2. Mizz_MayDK

    My tanks

    Just an overview of my tanks: 360L Akvastabil Mark 2 tank (new tank without any fish yet - planning on having Malawi cichlids in it. 190L Juwel Trigon corner tank. This was the first tank I invested in and I have a mix of Red Juwel and Demasoni cichlids, clown loaches, bronze corys, a couple...
  3. Tegz

    First fishy friends

    Hi all I hope that everyone is well. I'm a28 year old graphic designer from cape town south Africa and this tank sits on my desk I got my first tank 2 weeks ago and have loved every second of having it. It's a 3.2 gallon (not a great start I know but space was very limited I have a bigger...
  4. B

    Weird Bronze Corydora?

    I've been searching over the internet for photos and videos of bronze corydoras and I haven't seen any like this one. I'm not really sure why it looks like this I have 5 others that don't and I got them all at the same store. Any help identifying it would be much appreciated.
  5. Ruby011

    Bronze Cory, red-ish belly, normal?

    Hi, so I'm pretty new to keeping fish. I've had my Bronze Cody cats for about 2 months now. (3) and I have 2 panda cory cats in the same tank (6 months) with a stray albino cory cat. I noticed that the Bronze corys have pinkish, redish bellies, whereas the others don't. Is it normal for them...
  6. M

    my "special" bronze cory

    hello, I have 4 corydoras for some time now and i bought them all from the same local fish store. He only had 4 bronze corys at that time. In the beginning everything looked ok. There was just that one guy/girl that looked a bit funny. The difference with the other wasn't that big and he looked...
  7. glasgowgirl_786

    Corydoras Stuck In Juwel Internal Filter?!

    Hey everyone, today I noticed one of my bronze Cory's in my juwel rio 180 internal filter, I have no idea how he got in there as obviously the slots are way too thin and the water doesn't go above the maximum line. I'm thinking there might be a hole in the bottom he got through? Anyway I don't...