bristlenose plecostomus

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  1. K

    Pleco fell in hot water!

    Hello, I was deep cleaning my tank yesterday when I thought I had gotten all the decor out safely with my albino bristlenose pleco still in the tank. Turns out he was hiding in the decor still even after shaking it around and dunking it in and out of the water. So I used my shower to spray down...
  2. Circus

    Pleco Pic

    I caught a cute picture of one of my BNPs in the 55 gallon. I added some more plants and a ceramic cave yesterday, and I already noticed the adult pleco is showing themself a lot more today. The youngster has never been shy, but this is the first good picture of the adult in a couple of weeks.
  3. kellyrazz1996

    Suddenly obsessed with this little female betta

    I've been wanting a red male betta for the past few months and finally set myself to the task of preparing for one. Lots of reading and a 20 gallon tank later and I found myself searching through three different pet stores, but none of the betta were calling out to me. I ended up going home with...
  4. T

    Hello Forum Post - 20Gal Planted

    Hello everybody. I've been lurking as a guest for a few months, learning from all you helpful people, reading old posts and just getting into aquariums as a hobby. Here is my current setup. Theres quite a few pictures of my Blue Rams because they're just so pretty.   The original goal with this...