1. Stefan3289

    Breeding pair commotion

    Hello all! I have not been on the forum in a while, but I have not given up my fish hobby! So right before I decided to shut down my 29 gallon tank, I wanted to buy 3 PB convict parrot cichlids to quarantine them in that tank and then add them to my 75 gallon with my two severums, EBA, syno, and...
  2. tonitetra

    Lowering my GH for Discus Breeding ?

    I have a 50 gallon tank with 4 discus in the tank. My levels are almost perfect. I have no ammonia or nitrite, low levels of nitrate (b/c there are plants in the tank), 0 KH, and 6.8 ph. However, my general hardness is super high. I have tried everything. I have peat moss media in my filter...
  3. J

    Upcoming bubble nest? (Pictures)

    Hi all. I'am keeping a male betta fish in a 20 litre tank. In the past couple of days i have had a sudden abundance of small bubble in his tank. They are sparsely spread out along the surface and are not like the ones you would regularly see on google. I have read that some nests can be spread...
  4. E

    Angelfish breeding

    yesterday I saw my angelfish lay eggs in my community tank, I was so excited because I wanted to breed angelfish. But I was very upset because the other fish ate them all. So I was wondering how long will it be before she will lay eggs again. I now have another tank running that will be ready...
  5. A

    Best Freshwater fish to breed(other than platys and guppies)

    What do you guys think is the easiest and best fish to breed in a 55 gallon tank? it is kept at 82 with tetras, platys, harlequins.