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  1. nettleshrimps

    Only One Leg?! - Red Claw Crab Emergency Rescue! 🦀🦵

    Hi! I'm new, and I have some experience in fishkeeping (mostly 10 gallon domesticated Betta tanks) and I work at a PetSmart as an animal care specialist. Right now I am mostly focusing on my current Betta tank and snakes, so I haven't had a lot of plans for another tank any time soon, but an...
  2. J

    Bumblebee Goby Species ID?

    Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum but I could use some help identifying my fish. I have around 7 or so Brachygobius in my 10 gallon planted brackish tank. I have the salinity at 1.005 sg I bought them at the store I work at under the common name but couldn’t find out which species they were...
  3. Circus

    Almost Full Grown Figure 8 Puffer

    So, I am setting up a 20 gallon tank for a figure 8 puffer, and I know they need increasingly brackish water as they get older. The puffer will be an adoptee from Petco, someone surrendered about a half dozen to the store. Right now they are all together in about a 10 gallon tank (showing...
  4. Circus

    Orange Chromide Fry, Now What?

    Okay, so I had to remove the Molly from the brackish tank, since it ate 2 batches of eggs. The third batch just hatched and I saw about 8 fry. The fry are in a little hole the parents dug in the sand, flopping around a bit. What to I feed them? My ground up flake still looks a little too big...
  5. Circus

    Orange Chromide Eggs

    So I have a pair of my 5 orange chromide cichlids guarding a corner of the tank and chasing away the dalmatian Molly and other chromides. I strongly believe these two are guarding eggs. Here are some pics. It is a 29 gallon aquarium. 5 orange chromides, 1 dalmatian Molly, 1 guppy, 1 wrestling...
  6. eatyourpeas

    Pinocchio Shrimp tank in a hurry

    Well, I just got a Caridina gracilirostris from my LFS and I am suspecting he was a stowaway since there are no brackish aquariums there. He is a cute little dude and if I take him back he'll probably die, as I do not think they'll bother setting up a brackish tank just for him. I am prepared...
  7. Circus

    Impulse Buy!

    I went in to get some more pygmy cories and saw a fish I have been wanting for a long time. An Orange Chromide Cichlid! I plan on putting it in my low end brackish tank. Any advice welcome.
  8. Daviem

    How to measure Gh in brackish aquarium?

    Hi I used reverse osmosis to setup my brackish aquarium so I needed to increase the GH by adding a product to re mineralise the water, I purchased a API GH tester but it didn’t change no matter how many drops I used then someone said the GH tester doesn’t work with saltwater, is this true ? I...
  9. J

    Fiddler Crabs and African Dwarf Frogs?

    My husband and I have African Dwarf Frogs in a freshwater tank. We saw a picture of an underwater dry zone for fiddler crabs and fell in love with it and talked to someone at the pet store about it. We've been ordering the perfect parts we need for weeks and finally got it out togetherast night...
  10. I

    Help With Green Spotted Puffer

    I am starting a Brackish aquarium, and I need to know how to set it up correctly. Can someone tell me, step-by-step, how to set it up, what I need to buy and how to fishless cycle the tank? Also, are there any smaller fish that get along with the GSP? 
  11. K

    Looking For Advice

    hi,   I'm just posting to get advice on my aquarium, what I can add/take away, give my fish a more happy life, ect..   -I have a 55gal long -over filtered- one whisper 90gal filter, one adjustable, up to 60gal aqueon filter on the highest setting. -two heaters that keep the water at 78F not...
  12. joselito.rd

    Columbian Sharks Help

    Hi, I have an aquarium for a few years now with African cichlids and 4 Columbian sharks, As a beginner I didn't know that this catfish where brackish fish. So far the sharks have grown a lot but also have the cichlids and these are now attacking the sharks, because sharks are so big not petshop...
  13. MadameFizzgig

    Erratic Behavior - Please Help?

    I have a violet Goby who is typically very calm and usually hangs out on the bottom of the tank. However, lately he's been swimming back and forth across the tank, going to the bottom and then coming back up in a circular pattern.   I've added prime to the water, and stress guard, and his SG is...
  14. MadameFizzgig

    Violet Goby And Tank - Sand Newly Added!

    Hi everyone, newbie fish owner here.  Several months ago, I rescued my violet goby Houdini from his previous home (which was horrible). He's been doing much better since then, though I had him living on gravel for a few months. Finally, I was able to change the gravel and get him some sand. I...
  15. MadameFizzgig

    Is Beach Sand Safe To Use In A Brackish Tank?

    Hi everyone, I've posted here a few times and have yet another question.    Currently, my violet goby that I rescued a few months ago is doing a billion times better than he was when I rescued him. He has been living on a gravel substrate, which I know is not ideal, so I'd like to switch it to...
  16. G

    My Mudskipper And Fiddler Crab Paper

    This is a paper I had to do for school. I though it would be nice to post it on TFF. I researched mudskippers and fiddler crabs a lot before so this is what I chose to do it on.  If anything is incorrect please tell me. Enjoy.                 Mudskippers And Fiddler Crabs by Gnoflet 6/10/2015  ...
  17. MadameFizzgig

    How To Travel With A Fish?

    I'll soon be heading home from college, which is about a 16 hour drive. My LFS said that I could bag my violet goby as long as I made sure that there was enough air in the bag for him during the trip. I'm not sure I want to do that, because I think it will stress him out a lot.    If he's going...
  18. MadameFizzgig

    How Much Should I Be Feeding My Violet Goby?

    He's a really good eater, he eats nearly everything I give him. Because he seems so voracious, I wonder if I'm not feeding him enough (plus he's pretty active). He's about 4in long and he's the only fish in the tank.   He seems to like shrimp pellets best (though I do give him algae wafers less...
  19. MadameFizzgig

    Quickly Cycle A Tank To Combat Ammonia Poisoning - How?!

    Alright, I made a post a few days ago regarding my violet goby and he seems to now be showing signs of ammonia poisoning. I had him in an uncycled tank. I've done 2 25% water changes so far and attempted to add one of those fizzy ammonia tabs to lower the levels, but no luck. He's still gasping...
  20. J

    Caring For Freshwater Puffers?

    Hello all!! So I've been looking around for fish to fill my spare 40 gal. And I've come across the cuteness that is the puffer fish!! :) so I wanted to know if some puffers would thrive in a tank that size? I was thinking maybe a group of 4? (I don't know how big of a tank they need so that is...