brackish water

  1. TO KYO

    Aquarium salt vs Marine salt

    I tried turning my tank to brackish water because I own mollies, but I was told aquarium salt won’t do the job that I would need marine salt instead. Can somebody care to explain that to me? (I have a 20g tank btw)
  2. StephanieHinsley


    So I currently have only one fish in a 25-30 gallon tank of brackish water. He's a silver Molly with black spots named Rorik, and ever since his mom died, he's been alone. As a social fish, I worry about him, so I've been thinking about getting him a few tank mates. I'm trying to be careful, one...
  3. K

    Sick Dragon Fish/violet Goby?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here but before I post in the introductions section I have a sort of emergency question about my fish.   I've had two violet gobies, a.k.a. dragon fish for about 6 weeks now. I bought them from Walmart and wasn't sure if they would even survive the night considering the...
  4. E

    Can Knight Gobys Be Kept In Freshwater Tanks?

    Hi, Just picked up a Knight Goby from my LFS yesterday. The guys there said that it would be fine in a freshwater tank. However, upon doing more research at home, it seems that Knight Gobys thrive in brackish water. I am wondering if I can keep my tank as is (freshwater) or should I look into...