brackish fish

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    Reed fish/rope fish in brackish

    Has anyone kept reed fish in brackish water? I keep finding mixed ideas, I would love to keep a couple Reed fish in a brackish tank with some mudskipper. Any thoughts?
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    Help!! Problems with my Dalmatian Molly!

    Hi, im new to this site and desperately need help with one of my fish. Ive had a 10 gallon for a couple of months and one of my most recent additions is a pair of dalmatian mollies. One of them was rather small but thats likely just because hes young. I noticed the smaller of the pair resting on...
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    Can Knight Gobys Be Kept In Freshwater Tanks?

    Hi, Just picked up a Knight Goby from my LFS yesterday. The guys there said that it would be fine in a freshwater tank. However, upon doing more research at home, it seems that Knight Gobys thrive in brackish water. I am wondering if I can keep my tank as is (freshwater) or should I look into...