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    Please help, German Rams very agressive

    Tanks) PTrader: (0/0%) Join Date: May 2020 Posts: 1 Please help, German Rams very agressive Hey folks, I'm in a bit of a tricky situation here. I have a 150l tank, and recently purchase 2 German Rams to occupy it. It appears the fish shop has given me 2 males (one clearly more dominant than the...
  2. T

    Do female rams lay eggs without males?

    I am fairly certain i have two female blue rams. They act as a pair, both laying eggs and tending to them..im pretty sure ive seen both of them lay eggs. They both have dropped tubes, i cant find any info if a male displays a tube as well though. Do you think this is maybe a m/f pair and i just...
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    Sick Blue Rams

    Help! I haven’t had an aquarium for years, I set up a 20 gallon freshwater community tank for my daughter who has autism. The tank has beeen set up for several months with no problems. 3 weeks ago I bought 4 young blue rams at a reputable breeder at an aquarium club to add to the tank. I wanted...
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    Advice On Stocking My First Tank!

    Hi guys! Im really new to this hobby. I had a tropical tank when i was like 13 but that's it! haha I am just in the process of cycling my tank ready for the first lot of fish to be put in but i wanted to check i wasnt putting a stupid combo of species in with each other! I was thinking of neon...
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    Beginners To Tropical Fish, All Was Going Well...

    Hi guys, First off a thankyou to the forum for providing myself and family with great info and advice while we begin this journey into the tropical fish keeping world. We started 2 weeks ago with a trip to our local stockists, we were persuaded (mainly by the dazzling lights and pretty...