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  1. B

    Blue Acara aggression

    These two have been doing this for half an hour today, Is this courtship or territorial aggression, Do I need to separate them? Thanks.
  2. Circus

    80 Gallon, Lightly Planted

    I spent way too much money this paycheck getting this tank set up, but it is worth it so far. I have been running the filter on an established tank for over a month now and placed it on the tank yesterday, after adding my sand. I ordered some Seiryu stones and those have been placed, along with...
  3. J

    Green Terror or Blue Acara?

    Hi there, I recently bought what I was told was a Juvanile Blue Acara, however I am starting to have my doubts and was wondering if anyone could help and tell me if this was a Blue Acara or a Green terror. it is extremely dominant and boisterous and chases the other Fish
  4. Llittlefox

    Severum And Blue Acara

    Okay so I'm new to Cichlids, I normally have a tank of guppies and other nice peaceful live bearing fish. Now the reason I've decided to get Cichlids is because everyone is telling me I should get Cichlids.   What I bought was a Severum and a blue Acara I also have a Pleco, they were small when...
  5. I

    Blue Acara Fry For Sale

    We breed Blue Acara. Fry available in about three weeks. You Tube video at link below. $10 each, deals for large orders. You pay any postage... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDUNCgcRtOE