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  1. R

    Black Moor white spot

    I've had my Scuba Doo, my black moor, for about 8 months. Super happy and healthy little guy. I've noticed a white spot/growth on what looks like the anus area. I've looked it up and read other people's posts, and some say something about spawning? He's the only one in the tank though, so that's...
  2. maddi7777

    Cloudy Eye Treatment?

    Hello everyone, my goldfish Kovu appears to have cloudy eye. I have heard of Melafix to treat it, but there are a lot people saying that this treatment killed their fish. Is there any other treatment I can use to clear his eyes? Thanks!
  3. R

    Black Moor red spot

    I have a black moor goldfish in a 10 gallon tank who has a red spot under his chin. I only noticed it within the past week and I’m not really sure what it is. I tested the water and just did a change and everything is normal. Any ideas?
  4. BlackyMoory

    I'm Seriously Worried About My Black Moor

    Okay so I only noticed to day that my black moor has been swimming on it's side and has a huge red patches on it's side. He was in a tank with 4 goldfish and has been living there for the past 3 years, The tank has two filters and a heater set on 22/24 I think Do you have any more questions...