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  1. S

    Why does my Red Cap Oranga goldfish has black spots on her body and it's spreading

    Hi everyone, My red cap oranga goldfish has been having these red spots. It started still on her red cap and now it spread to her body. The change happened in the past 5 months. Can you tell me is it a reason for concern and what can I do to help the fish. Thanks
  2. C

    Black spots on my glofish

    Hi! This is my new glofish, brought him home about 2 weeks ago. I'm concerned about the 2 black spots on his back. He's eating and otherwise behaving normal. I'm not sure if I need to treat him for parasites? Or infection? Thanks for you help!
  3. S

    Black Spots on Head?

    Hiya, first post here after snooping for a couple of years. One of my Channa andrao has developed black dots on her head, and she and the rest of the tank inhabitants are flashing regularly, but there are no other symptoms in the tank and parameters are absolutely normal (0ppm nitrites, 0ppm...
  4. D

    Black spots on female guppy??

    Hello Everyone, I have this female guppy that I got from my local fish store a few weeks ago. She was a medium-sized fry inside of the feeder guppy tank and I decided to keep her. I get her a few weeks ago, and as of a few days ago, I noticed a few black spots on her body and close to her...
  5. brokenoob!

    Platinum/Creamsicle Lyretail Molly with tiny black spots?

    Hello everyone! I've had the most amazing Platinum Lyretail Molly named Pearl for just over two months now. She has the biggest personality I've ever seen, if I get within 5 feet of the glass she comes up to me sounds crazy but literally almost wags her tail in excitement like a dog...
  6. F

    Betta developing dark spots please help!

    Pictured below is my male betta in the store (20 December 19) followed by his first days in his new home. He instantly became much more vibrant which I was very happy about. However he then developed a dark spot by his lip - starting off as a small grey dot. He was also glass surfing for...
  7. P

    Is my Betta Ok?

    I bought my Betta about 2 months ago and she's been in a living in a tank in my dorm room. I don't have a heater but ive been putter her near a lamp and checking the temperature to make sure she's warm. She eats fine and swims normally except when she sees me she swims very fast towards me and...
  8. BacardiXx

    Black Spots

    Dear Fish hobbyists,   I just got an tropical aquarium for a month now, and i must say it is really peacefull.  its fun on spending time on your aquarium , taking care of the fishes.   But i think my fish got a sickness or something like this, maybe on of you can help me out what exactly is...