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  1. Meg0000

    Filter or not?

    Hi, I would like to know if It's better to remove my filter on my 10g at this point. It's an interal filter but I stopped it about a month ago because of the sound. I only have 8 ember tetras and 2 small shrimps with a bunch of plants. The thing is I don't know if the bacteria are still alive...
  2. MrSix18

    10 years into the hobby, and i’m LOST!!

    hey guys! new to the forum as i’ve completed gave up trying to figure out the issue myself, and my LFS is absolutely zero help. currently have over 600 gallons of tanks ranging from 3 125 gallon tanks, 2 75’s, 2 29 gallon, and a 40 breeder hospital tank all in my detached garage/fish room.. i...
  3. S

    Nano Filter Set-up - Plan

    So - here's my plan for my Nano Tank filter set up. My Nano Tank comes with built in compartments in the back for the filter, water pump and heater. Originally it came with a large black sponge in the middle compartment (areas 4-5 in the drawing) - which I assumed was the Carbon filter but the...
  4. E

    Big ol' filter queries!

    Hi all, I have a few filter quandaries and could really use some advice. I currently have 2 Juwel tanks (120L and 110L) and use the eccoflow 500 filters that came with it. I also set up the spongers as shown in their instructions. Both filters have started stalling a bit, one a lot more than...