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  1. W

    Tank size Advice needed

    Hi everyone, looking for some advice on what sized tank I need. I’ve been keeping fish for many years and decided it’s time to finally invest in my biggest tank yet for a predator fish I am aiming on buying 2-3 Bichirs (my dream fish) as well as some large tank mates such as Oscars, maybe even a...
  2. I Like Rare Fish

    Some random pics of my bichirs

    Some cool pics of my bichirs. I have a 90 gallon tank (48”x18”x24”wide), which is currently housing 3 juvenile bichirs. I’ve had the Delhezi (Sparky) since he was only a few inches. The mokele and Palmas I’ve had for a month or so, and the Senegal I got yesterday to help spread aggression...
  3. S

    ID BICHIR? PLS? :(:

    Anyone knows what type of Bichir this 2.5 inch baby is? Have had it for like 3-4 weeks now
  4. ameliagb

    what can I keep with my senegal bichirs?

    Hi! okay so I have a bowfront tank of like 50 ish gal with 2 senegal bichirs one grey one and one albino both fairly small but the grey one growing at a kind of noticeable rate as well as 1 pink and 1 blue convict. the tank is very natural looking and heavily planted with a set up of rock...
  5. ameliagb

    tank mates for my potentially semi-aggressive tank

    Hi there! I currently have a 55/60 gal tank (its rounded in the front so im not 100% sure on the size) but it has good floor space and lots of swim room. I have 2 small bichir polypterus that keep to themselves I only see them during water changes and occasionally when they're eating or darting...
  6. RRaquariums

    Bichirs the dinosaur in my home

    Allow me to take you back through the fog of history to a time before time even began. A time when great armored monsters once prowled the black muddy waters of ancient rivers feeding upon prehistoric fish and animals. These beast of both the land and the water adapted to there dark and murky...