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betta tumor

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  1. 1

    Betta fish bloated on a side: what is this!?

    I have a female Betta Splenders, she has bright colors, no issues swimming but she has a really bad growth on a side of the belly. We quarantened her in a 5L tank to check how her feces were and to make her and other fishes safe. At the beginning she had stringy poop and we (my bf and I) thought...
  2. kapsey

    Help! Betta Fish Tumor(?) Turning White?

    Hello! I posted a thread a few months ago regarding my Betta. I thought he had bloat initially, but the consensus seemed that it was a tumor. I noticed yesterday that it seems to be turning white. It also seems to be a bit stringy, as you can see in the second photo. I realize there isn’t...
  3. M

    help?? my betta has a blister/tumor??

    my betta, bulma, has seemingly overnight grown an oval lump on his side.hes for the most part active and eating well. it’s on his abdomen towards the back and is only accentuated on his right side. i’m really worried about him so if anybody could help me figure out what is wrong and how to treat...