betta laying on bottom

  1. mll6966

    anyone please help betta

    Can you help me with my betta: He's breathing very heavy was on his betta leaf, then at the bottom of the tank. No ammonia no nitrite nitrates kh and gh all fine. Water temp 80. 10 gallon tank no mates! I don't know what to do!
  2. H

    Betta fish resting more than normal?

    Hello. My betta fish has been with me since the summer, in a 10 gallon planted tank that I've worked hard at keeping in good condition. While originally with me at home, I took the whole setup and my fish with me to college once the school year started (don't worry it's all social distanced, we...
  3. K

    Sick or dying Betta?

    I have a female betta in a community tank. She was never a big swimmer, kind of a lazy fish. I have had her about 5-6 weeks. For the past 3 days she has been laying in her floating log with almost no movement. I keep checking to see if she is dead. About once a day she will take a swim around...