betta heater

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  1. lynhagan

    Heater and thermometer not matching

    Hi - I have a ten gallon tank filled to 9 gallon with one betta in I have a heater that I set to 26.5 celsius and a Dennerle nano thermometer that did match that temperature. A month on and I found that I was waking up to find the Dennerle reading 24 degrees celsius. My betta was breathing...
  2. A

    Can You Turn Off My Betta Tank Heater At Night Time ?

    Hi there i have a betta complete with a tank , heater , thermostat and a air filter now the question is as above is it ok to turn off the heater at night while i sleep and turn it back on in the morning ? using my head i can only imagine if it was in the wild the tempter of water will drop at...