betta fins

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    Rescued Betta

    I rescued a betta about a week ago. My son found him in a dirty fishbowl, sitting on the sidewalk outside an apartment bldg. (where my son works)… it’s winter time where live. Somehow the fish survived. I’ve had fish tanks (yrs ago) so not completely new but totally new to Bettas. My guy has...
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    Is this betta fish sick?

    I've decided that I'll try fostering bettas, taking them from terrible pet stores in an attempt to get them healthy enough to find a new home. Even if I don't succeed, I figure I can at least give them a nice big home to spend their final days in, instead of dying alone in a tiny little cup...
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    Betta's Fins Drastically Decreased in Size?

    Hello! I'm new to this forum. I have a half moon betta fish that I've had about four months now. His fins were huge when I first got him, so much so that he seemed to have difficulty swimming. He was very beautiful; this was one of the reasons I picked him out! His first month or so went great...