betta breeding

  1. Jimbob1223

    Need help with Betta breeding

    So I have bred and sold a few types of fish over the past few years but I wanted to try something more challenging as I have some extra time to do so in the near future. Breeding Bettas has been a dream of mine ever since I got into the hobby and now that I am educated on how to do so and I have...
  2. MyFishKaren

    Seeking Betta Information

    I have a few questions regarding betta care, breeding, and purchasing. Betta care: - How often should I clean my betta's tank? - Can a marimo moss ball be in my current betta's tank? - What divided tanks do you recommend the most? Breeding: I am not planning on breeding anytime soon, I just...
  3. Demeter32

    Quest for plakat fry

    If anyone has been following my betta progress, you will know that I've tried breeding bettas before. The most recent would be with my CT pair and trying to pair my double tailed plakat with a compatible female. I think I've finally gotten somewhere now. On Saturday (9-23-17) my male plakat...
  4. N

    Help! Betta fry not eating microworms

    After years of keeping bettas and later trying to breed them, I had my first successful spawn. I have read extensively about the breeding process, and many sources recommended microworms as a starter food. Since I already culture microworms for my other fish, I decided to use them for my betta...