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  1. A

    Badis with dropsy, but still eating/behaving normally

    Hi all, Wish I was here under better circumstances. So one of my black tiger badis has developed dropsy over the last year or so. At first, I thought he was just fat/constipated since he was the most aggressive eater out of the ones I have, and was always a bit rounder. But over the last month...
  2. B

    Terrible fish injury

    During the night one of my fish tore into my badis badis. The whole side of his face is practically gone. Surprisingly he is alive and eating a little bit. I moved him to a more peaceful tank. I’ve been using melafix. I’m wondering if there’s anything else I should do? How often should I do...
  3. RCA

    Scarlet Badis (Dario Dario)

    I have recently purchased ten of these little beauties, and as they are still fairly new to the hobby I thought you might be interested in their development. I always research prior to purchasing any new species and liked what I found out. They are known as cousins of our beloved Betta, as...
  4. M

    20G Stocking? Including Scarlet Badis...

    My other tank is now cycled and the 1 species I really want is red scarlet indian badis (dario dario). They are very small and timid, slow movers and easily out competed for food. I know they're not ideal tank mates for alot of fish but does anyone have any suggestions for me? Dimensions are...
  5. M

    Do All Types Of Shrimp Reproduce Quickly?

    Do all shrimps reproduce quickly? Warning* some may think this cruel In my new tank I would like to have shrimp that reproduce quickly, I want babies for scarlet badis to eat, as they like live foods... Obviously it won't be all I feed them, I know they won't reproduce that quickly... With...
  6. M

    New To Plants, Advice Wanted... (Many Questions)

    Hi guys, I'm still a fish noob however, I'm really into fish keeping now, and I want to advance myself into live plants, sorry but I have quite a few questions... This is what iv ordered...
  7. Brahmza

    15G Species Tank! Help Me Decide!

    I've been doing a lot of research online and in doing so I've been changing my ideas for this tank non stop. First, I wanted a group of Scarlet Badis. Then I was thinking a maybe I'd start a red cherry shrimp colony. After that I went on to wanting a Tanganyikan shellie tank of lamprologus...
  8. Brahmza

    Scarlet Badis(Dario Dario)

    Hey all! I've been reading up on these little guys and I was curious if a pair or harem would do well in a 15g tank? Most likely going to keep it a species tank, maybe add in a few snails to clean up. Any info on them would be great! Thanks!