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  1. back2thelotus

    Brown leaves on Bacopa & Sword

    As the title suggests, my Bacopa Monniera (not entirely sure on its exact name) and Amazon Sword have some brown discolouration on some of their leaves and I'm not entirely sure why. I've attached a couple of photos although it's not very clear in the photo of the sword. These plants are in a...
  2. cooledwhip

    My Bacopa Caroliniana Won't Grow.

    I have had my planted 20 gal for about a week with a small bubble filter and a 20 gallon quiet filter as well. I have seachem flourite as substrate with some java fern, anubius, and some Bacopa Caroliniana. But almost all of the bacopa isn't growing, like it turns into just stalks now, there are...
  3. Fishywishy333

    Could You Spare Some Tips For My Plants?

    Hi everyone, I bought some new plants but I don't really know much about them. This is what I bought; Anubias barteri var. nana, Eleocharis parvula and Bacopa caroliniana. Would you mind giving me some tips on how to plant, how to maintain, ect. Any tips would help.    They are Tropica plants so...