asian stone catfish

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  1. Monty2451

    Corys and asian stone catfish compatability

    I have a 35 gallon (20 " x 20") cube tank with a school of 10 mixed corys (elegant and julii). I want to get a small school of stone catfish as well (5 or so). My concern is that the stone cats may be too docile to compete with the corys for food. Will the stone cats be ok with them, or will...
  2. Tacocat

    What water conditions do I need to have for Asian Stone Catfish?

    I have a 5 gallon tank with 10 life forms, but I recently learned that 2 types favour opposite water hardness and ph, so I'm wondering what kind of parameters Stone Catfish prefer so that I can return the appropriate one to my LFS.