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  1. victoriapfeiffer

    Fish Art

    Hi there! I'm new here and I'm both a hobbyist who keeps Corydoras, Cardinal Tetras, CPDs, and Betta. I also make art of my favorite fish. I thought you all might enjoy the art I make of these beautiful creatures, so here are a few!
  2. Meg0000

    Art, what should I do next?

    Hello, I recreated something I saw on internet, I would like to make another one when I have the time. What should I do next? I was thinking maybe blackwater tetra species starting with tucano tetra, green neon tetra ect... Or dwarf cichlid, or gouramis or killies? Too many options, oh and also...
  3. C

    My Paintings

    Just thought I would share some of my work, links below will take you to my gallery pages, hope you enjoy