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  1. T

    Axelotle in container

    I went to an exotic reptile and amphibian shop. I saw some axelotles in Tupperware containers with some air holes in them. Is this normal for pet stores to keep axelotles like this? There was almost no room for movement and smelled absolutely terrible. Just wandering if this is reasonable...
  2. S

    Walnut Shells And Husks As Medicine/algae Killer?

    Using walnut shells, leaves, extract... "which inhibit or promote recovery from aquatic bacterial, fungal, protozoan, and dinoflagellate diseases on the surface of or in the skin of the animal or from wounds and abrasions, or to control or eliminate metazoan parasites, or to control or eliminate...
  3. Y

    Spanish Ribbed Newt New Arrival

    Hello everyone, My Fiancee and I have just recently purchased a Spanish ribbed newt, he is currently in a moderately planted 20 gallon tank with a filter that is being displaced by a landing, The water temp is being kept at 70-71F, with a sand substrate and two different hiding zones and plenty...
  4. NorthEastFisherman

    Fully Aquatic Newts?

    I have several tanks a 29g, 26g, 15g, 10g, and a few couple gallon tanks. Just browsing petco and saw lizards and geckos and thought how cool they were but my parents would never let me get a gecko or lizard but im sure i could get an aquatic newt of somesort. My question is; is there a fully...