1. M

    Aquatech 5-15 filter... any good?

    I found a used 10 gallon fish tank with an aquatech 5-15 filter. Good enough for an10 gallon? They have Marineland penguin cartridges which threw me off at first. But the very dusty image of the filter is the aquatech 5-15. Filter new The tank is for a betta and maybe an African dwarf frog. Not...
  2. Ciddire

    [Advice Needed] Terrible Luck With My Filter And Glasstop

    Greetings forum friends! It would appear that my penguin 200b filter is defective. I came home from work today and my filter was off. I plugged it in and out and was finally able to get it started. However, it is making a terrible grinding sound! See Youtube video here...