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  1. F

    help me stock my first 125 gallon?

    ive had 55 gallon planted tanks for a while with zebra parrots and pacman Cichlid also have well as rainbow fish. i just got my first 125 gallon tank and want to plan it out before i get it set up and need help with stocking ideas and how many fish... Im not looking for oscars at the moment the...
  2. Aquariummanfran

    Ongoing fish keeping problem

    Hello everyone! I am new to this community but not new to a tropical fish keeping forum. I’ve wanted to find a new community because quite frankly, I’m struggling and have lost the fish keeping mojo and was hoping I could find some help. Quick background. I have been keeping aquariums for...
  3. D

    Tank isn't full level.

    Hi i have noticed my tanks not fully level. Its a juwel 120 lido. All 4 corners sit perfectly on stand but might be my carpet? Causing the level issue. Should i fix this and how? Please see attached pic. Thanks
  4. FurFinFeathers

    Betta Tank Upgrade Tips?

    I'm going to update my three male betta fish to a divided ten gallon, but i have a few questions. If i get two dividers from Petsmart, they dont have holes, so i assume I'd need a sponge filter for each section? If I make them myself, I could make them with holes in them so i would only need one...