aquarium help

  1. A

    Ongoing fish keeping problem

    Hello everyone! I am new to this community but not new to a tropical fish keeping forum. I’ve wanted to find a new community because quite frankly, I’m struggling and have lost the fish keeping mojo and was hoping I could find some help. Quick background. I have been keeping aquariums for...
  2. D

    Tank isn't full level.

    Hi i have noticed my tanks not fully level. Its a juwel 120 lido. All 4 corners sit perfectly on stand but might be my carpet? Causing the level issue. Should i fix this and how? Please see attached pic. Thanks
  3. FurFinFeathers

    Betta Tank Upgrade Tips?

    I'm going to update my three male betta fish to a divided ten gallon, but i have a few questions. If i get two dividers from Petsmart, they dont have holes, so i assume I'd need a sponge filter for each section? If I make them myself, I could make them with holes in them so i would only need one...