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  1. I

    Anuncia barteri little holes

    Hi all. I had an anubia barteri looking like this. Do you know wether it is a disease or are snails doing it? I got bladder snails and micro ramshorns.
  2. B

    Algae Identification, if that's what it is and discussion (pics Included)

    I have been fighting to figure out what this black stuff on my Anubias is. I presume its algae, but i have 0 phosphate, Nitrate, nitrite, & ammonia. The canister filter has been cleaned and replaced with fresh media. Not Pictured: I have 8 Otoc Cats and a few Amano Shrimp that wont eat this...
  3. G

    What is eating my anubias?

    My anubias suddenly started to get brow. I notice that a small brow spot forms and the leaves start to die. I see the shrimps (neocaridinas) On it and in the morning a big chunk of the leaf is gone. As far as I know, neocaridinas only eat deceased leaves, so something must be damaging the...