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  1. A

    Angelfish Emergency!!

    I've got two angelfish in my tank, a black one and a white one. The black one's smaller and has been less active since i've got them. Yesterday, she was hanging around the bottom of the tank, but still swimming around. I didn't think much of it because she did that a lot when I first got her...
  2. W


  3. F

    Angelfish emergency

    Two out of my five angels have these weird wounds, and one of them actually missing a pectoral fin. Anybody able to tell me what’s going on with’em?
  4. danajs

    Angelfish with red pectoral fin?

    One of our angelfish has had red at the bottom of his/her pectoral fin for around a month now, and we’re just wondering what it could be. He seems fine in himself in that he’s active and feeding, but we don’t know if it’s something to be worried/concerned about. - pH is 7.0/7.5 - Ammonia is 0 -...
  5. primsloaches16

    HELP PLEASE!!!!! Angelfish declining, ick or columnaris???

    Hey yall. I've had two angelfish for about 4 months now, and recently one of them has been declining in health and acting strangely. She is the smaller of the two (they are a mated pair). She used to be super active and stay close to the male, but lately she has been very lethargic and wont eat...
  6. C

    Angel being aggressive to another

    Hi there, I have a lido 200 tank and it's a community tank. I had one black marble angel in it and I decided I wanted to get another. I knew I'd have to get one of similar size and so I did, I got a while and orange one. When I was going to add the new angel in after acclimating it I then...
  7. Linkandnavi

    Angelfish, Amano Shrimp and Corydoras

    Afternoon all, I'll be adding some angelfish (six juvenile) to my 120 gallon tank in the next few months. Nothing in there are the moment as it`s nearing the end of its cycle and the (juvenile) angelfish will be some of the last to go in. I haven't kept angels previously but while they're some...
  8. T

    My Angelfish is very lethargic and hovering at the top.

    I just got him today and he has been like this since then. Always hovering at the top and has even gotta stuck to the filter a few times. I finally moved him in a tank by himself. Just very lethargic but he seems to be chasing the water falling from the filter. His fins are frayed quite a bit. I...
  9. S

    Help With Angelfish Situation

    Hello All! Okay so here is the situation. I wanted 2 angelfish for my 38 gallon bowfront. But I found a great deal on 3 veil tails and when shipped to me, they generously gave me 5 total. right now the average size of them is quarter size and I just got them yesterday. The only other...