ammonia help

  1. M

    ammonia = zero, after 1 week?

    Hi, new to having fish and learning about cycling. I have a 5 gallon tank. I am doing a fishless cycling. I've been putting in fish pellets and blood worms everyday for 1 week to create ammonia. I tested ammonia after 7 days and it's at zero. Nitrite and nitrate is also zero. Tested again...
  2. carligraceee

    Flashing in my female molly?

    I recently found out that Watson is now Emma... lol but I have always noticed some flashing from her every now and then. It wasn’t consistent, it doesn’t happen every day. Maybe two times a week but i just want to know if she is showing off or not. I use AQAdvisor stocking calculator, I’ve...
  3. H

    How to help betta with possible ammonia burns?

    Okay, I posted about a betta fish I took from a pet store yesterday, since he had some pale coloring on/by his fins and lips that worried me, but I only got one reply that said I shouldn't worry. Now though, I definitely have something to worry about, mainly because my tank had an ammonia spike...
  4. T

    Ammonia level spiked crazy after water change

    Hi, So basically yesterday I made my weekly water change 50%(200l tank) and my ammonia level just went up like crazy. The water became a little bit cloudy as well. My fish seems to be fine, nothing to be worry so far. Im using fluval 207 filter and I cleaned the media same day as I did the...