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ammonia and nitrite help

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  1. tkoalas

    Struggling to read nitrite level (and is it too high for fishless?)

    I am currently cycling (fishless) a 5 gallon tank with a HOB filter (TopFin) and Fluval BioMedia (BioMAX). That's not super relevant, but it's good to know and share. I have been dosing with Stability and the nitrites just started to spike. What I am not used to is figuring out how concentrated...
  2. J

    No Ammonia, no nitrites, or nitrates after 3 weeks fish-in cycle.

    I'm currently cycling my planted 29 gallon tank going in to week 3 now. And there's no detectable ammonia, nitrites, or nitrates with my API master kit. The kit is not expired and is reading nitrates and nitrites on my other aquarium. I let the tank run for about two weeks use with some bio...
  3. V

    Is it okay to add my betta during cycling?

    I've had a little ammonia spike in the first week, and nothing since then. It's only week two, but my parents are getting impatient and telling me it should be fine for fish now. The only stocking will be that betta, but I don't want to put her life in danger. She was in a community tank but now...
  4. V

    Are these good results for almost 2 weeks into cycling?

    Ammonia used to be at like 1 but now it's back to nothing. Maybe because I've been a little sloppy and forgetful with adding it. I added more after these results.
  5. M

    Me again! Feel like I’m failing my cycle

    Day 6 since adding 3ppm ammonia. I thought it would be showing better by now? Have I done something wrong?
  6. Sparklehoofs

    At my wits end with this cycle? Desperately need advice please.

    Hi, I am cycling my sump for my Betta rack system. I am using the API Freshwater Kit. I shake the living daylights out of all the bottles before use to avoid the crystallisation. I have cycled 5 tanks previous to this with the fish food method and had no issues whatsoever. This time I decided...
  7. Mollyforever

    i thought I was done! What the..

    My new 20 gallon tank has been cycling since the beginning of September and according to the fishless cycle guide I was almost near the end. Two days ago i dosed ammonia the full amount, and saw the ammonia and nitrite fall to 0 in 24 hrs. Nitrate was under 10, pH 8 and KH and GH both around...
  8. B

    White cloud minnow - ammonia or parasite?

    Hi all, we have had a small 12L tank for about 3 years, started with 5 WCMM but after about 18 mths, over a period of about 6mths, one by one they started getting skinny with fins down, floating at top or bottom, then dying. Usually over a period of 2-3 days and water change didn’t help. We...
  9. R84achey

    Confused by cycle

    Hi all So 3 days ago I started to cycle my tank. I added 3ml of ammonia and confirmed the amount by testing the water which measure 3.0mg/l. Here I am testing again and ammonia (nh3 & nh4) are now at 0mg/l, Nitrite is at 0.3mg/l & nitrate is at 25mg/l. I’ve read through the fishless cycle...
  10. B

    Need help : (

    So I have a baby female beta, 2 gold rings, a baby synodontis eupterus catfish, and a male guppy in an 8 gallon tank. I've had them for exactly just over a week now. However, I didn't have time to cycle the tank for 2 weeks before I added the fish, as they were a gift. I've been using 2 drops of...
  11. Linkandnavi

    Nitrite constantly rising with no ammonia source

    After a little help here, as I'm non-plussed. I'm mid-fishless cycle with a 450l (120 us gallon) tank and my nitrite readings are making no sense to me. I started with adding Dr Tim's ammonia a couple of weeks ago, plus "one and only" bacteria. I know there are mixed views on whether it does...
  12. H

    How to help betta with possible ammonia burns?

    Okay, I posted about a betta fish I took from a pet store yesterday, since he had some pale coloring on/by his fins and lips that worried me, but I only got one reply that said I shouldn't worry. Now though, I definitely have something to worry about, mainly because my tank had an ammonia spike...
  13. P

    Emergency question

  14. E

    My tank Has ammonia. HELP

    so I cleaned my tank 50% for 2 nights but it still has ammonia what do I do. Please help. Best regards
  15. D

    What do I do now?

    Hi, I’m trying to re-establish the cycle in my tank and I’m having some troubles. Two nights ago I had readings as follows: Ammonia 0.25, Nitrite 0.50, Nitrate 10.0. I did two 50% PWC back to back, vacuumed the gravel a bit and added a maintenance dose of bacteria. Last night my levels were...
  16. S

    Weird Pea Puffer Behavior

    I recently was given two new pea puffers. A friend of mine thought they'd be fine in a 2 gallon tank so he bought them last week thinking they were cute. He soon realized after a day or two they were too much work, and handed them over to me. I had an empty 10 gal, but it wasn't cycled upon...
  17. J

    Ammonia through the roof

    I am having trouble cycling my tank. I know I've made a lot of mistakes, I'm just trying to get it back on track. Any help is sincerely appreciated. I have a 20 gallon tank, had 4 glo tetras, 1 betta, 3 dwarf frogs, and 2 snails. Everything was fine except ammonia. Got a liquid organic starter...
  18. N

    Help!!! Ammonia stuck at 2-4ppm

    Hi there, Im really puzzled with my first attempt at fishless cycling using ammonia. My two 5 gallons I successfully did a fish-in and had them cycled in about 3 weeks. Starting my new 10 gallon isn't going so well. Here's some helpful info on tank setup: First 2 days I had the tank filter...
  19. T

    Cycling doesn't make sense

    I'm having serious issues with cycling my tank. I have a 29 gallon with 3 tiger barbs (left from 9). The nitrite has been zero but the ammonia continues to climb. I was doing 50% water changes every day (huge HUGE PAIN). I let the tank be while I went on vacation. It's been over a week and the...
  20. E

    Ammonia levels will not go down

    Hi there, I am new to this forum and fish keeping in general and have run into a problem that i need advice on fixing. About 2 weeks ago i purchased an Aquaduo 20 gallon tank that came with the tank, a filter, filter media, hydrocorn, and a heater. Initially i started cycling my freshwater...