ammonia and nitrite help

  1. R84achey

    Confused by cycle

    Hi all So 3 days ago I started to cycle my tank. I added 3ml of ammonia and confirmed the amount by testing the water which measure 3.0mg/l. Here I am testing again and ammonia (nh3 & nh4) are now at 0mg/l, Nitrite is at 0.3mg/l & nitrate is at 25mg/l. I’ve read through the fishless cycle...
  2. B

    Need help : (

    So I have a baby female beta, 2 gold rings, a baby synodontis eupterus catfish, and a male guppy in an 8 gallon tank. I've had them for exactly just over a week now. However, I didn't have time to cycle the tank for 2 weeks before I added the fish, as they were a gift. I've been using 2 drops of...
  3. L

    Nitrite constantly rising with no ammonia source

    After a little help here, as I'm non-plussed. I'm mid-fishless cycle with a 450l (120 us gallon) tank and my nitrite readings are making no sense to me. I started with adding Dr Tim's ammonia a couple of weeks ago, plus "one and only" bacteria. I know there are mixed views on whether it does...
  4. H

    How to help betta with possible ammonia burns?

    Okay, I posted about a betta fish I took from a pet store yesterday, since he had some pale coloring on/by his fins and lips that worried me, but I only got one reply that said I shouldn't worry. Now though, I definitely have something to worry about, mainly because my tank had an ammonia spike...
  5. P

    Emergency question

  6. E

    My tank Has ammonia. HELP

    so I cleaned my tank 50% for 2 nights but it still has ammonia what do I do. Please help. Best regards
  7. D

    What do I do now?

    Hi, I’m trying to re-establish the cycle in my tank and I’m having some troubles. Two nights ago I had readings as follows: Ammonia 0.25, Nitrite 0.50, Nitrate 10.0. I did two 50% PWC back to back, vacuumed the gravel a bit and added a maintenance dose of bacteria. Last night my levels were...
  8. S

    Weird Pea Puffer Behavior

    I recently was given two new pea puffers. A friend of mine thought they'd be fine in a 2 gallon tank so he bought them last week thinking they were cute. He soon realized after a day or two they were too much work, and handed them over to me. I had an empty 10 gal, but it wasn't cycled upon...
  9. J

    Ammonia through the roof

    I am having trouble cycling my tank. I know I've made a lot of mistakes, I'm just trying to get it back on track. Any help is sincerely appreciated. I have a 20 gallon tank, had 4 glo tetras, 1 betta, 3 dwarf frogs, and 2 snails. Everything was fine except ammonia. Got a liquid organic starter...
  10. N

    Help!!! Ammonia stuck at 2-4ppm

    Hi there, Im really puzzled with my first attempt at fishless cycling using ammonia. My two 5 gallons I successfully did a fish-in and had them cycled in about 3 weeks. Starting my new 10 gallon isn't going so well. Here's some helpful info on tank setup: First 2 days I had the tank filter...
  11. T

    Cycling doesn't make sense

    I'm having serious issues with cycling my tank. I have a 29 gallon with 3 tiger barbs (left from 9). The nitrite has been zero but the ammonia continues to climb. I was doing 50% water changes every day (huge HUGE PAIN). I let the tank be while I went on vacation. It's been over a week and the...
  12. E

    Ammonia levels will not go down

    Hi there, I am new to this forum and fish keeping in general and have run into a problem that i need advice on fixing. About 2 weeks ago i purchased an Aquaduo 20 gallon tank that came with the tank, a filter, filter media, hydrocorn, and a heater. Initially i started cycling my freshwater...
  13. R

    Ammonia And Nitrite Help

    Hello all, I'm having Ammonia and Nitrite problems in my 330 litre tropical fish tank. It started last Thursday when i first seen my black ghost fish with scratch marks down the side of it's body. At first i was thinking it maybe the seaweed i had in the tank it was rubbing his body next to it...