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  1. Irksome

    My KH is 9 and my GH is 17. Is this too high for dwarf gourami?

    I have just revamped my tanks, two 10 gallons and a 6 gallon. They were overgrown with plants and snails, but now they are sorted I am looking into stocking ideas. With these water parameters I know my options are limited. Have any of you managed to make a dwarf gouramis tank a success in such...
  2. outofwater

    WTH with the water pH shooting alkaline

    So, 2 weeks ago I tried to get 3 ottos to keep company to the lonely one I keep (had 2, but one died about a month in and this one has been lonely ever since). All 3 died in days in the quarantine tank. I went back to the shop with water and pH test showed off the chart blue (api kit, same one...
  3. T

    Tiny black line on Platy monopodium

    Hi! I have noticed a recent appearing of a tiny black line on the gonopodium of one of my male blue and black Platys (see attached photo). I have been researching all kinds of worms, pests and parasites, and have found nothing that looks like this. Is it likely just a color spot appearing as...
  4. AmyKieran

    How to raise ph?

    I am trying to raise the ph of my Malawi tank with little success. I have used about 4kg of limestone rock in the tank as well as about 200g of crushed coral in the filter and the ph is still at 7. I have ordered another 1kg of crushed coral for my filter. Do you think this will be enough to...
  5. FishNChimps

    Experience Of Lowering Ph Using Almond Leaves And Peat Pellets?

    My 110 litre tank has a high ph of 8.2. I'd like to increase its small population of fish but only after bringing down the ph. I'm considering putting peat pellets in the filter, and dropping some almond leaves into the tank, as I've read that this can be effective. Apart from water...
  6. RossC

    High Ph In Pond

    I water tested my pond water today and found everything was 0ppm but the pH was at 8.4! Now my tapwater is around 7.4 and I'm not using any buffers and as far as I'm aware there isn't anything such as rocks that could adjust the pH so much, its got a thin gravel substrate. I have noticed the...