algae problem

  1. S

    Major Algae Bloom!! ;(

    Guys, I’m at a total loss here. Hope you can help. I’ve dealt with these before and have managed just fine to get ride of them. But my 200 litre Jewel tank out of nowhere has attracted an algae bloom. Despite the water changes, and adding treatments to remove phosphates from the water, the tank...
  2. challdog

    Slightly Complex Algae Problem

    Hi guys, I've got a 100 L crayfish tank, with fairly good lighting, and perfect water. i've got the beginning stages of green hair algae, spot algae and generic slime algae, which i KNOW aren't going to slow down any time soon. Here's the complexity: The simplest answer, i know, is to add...
  3. B

    Algae Problem And Slightly Cloudy Water

    I have been having some problems in my 240 gallon tank with algae issues. the tank is situated near a window, adding indirect light which may be a problem but it is almost always covered with a curtain. We do partial water change once every two weeks and change carbon on a steady basis, as well...