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    How long should I leave on the air pump?

    I don't want it on 24/7 as it creates quite a lot of noise. I wrapped a towel around it to make it quieter, but the noise is noticeable. Every few minutes it turns itself off for a few seconds before coming back on.
  2. M

    Filter Problems

    Hi, I'm new to this forum but I'm just looking for some advice. I have just bought a fish r fun 5.5L tank with a couple of guppies. The tank came with its own filter system but the filter is not producing any bubbles or even moving the water. The model is an Frf-if1. Should it be moving the water?
  3. M

    How Much? Not Enough?

    Hi guys. Is there a calculation you can use to work out how much air you should have pumping into your tank? Really unsure if I have too much or not enough