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  1. Rexer reigns

    Fish tank water changing

    Hi guys, I'm new to here and i don't have much experience in fish management. I installed my 6 gallon tank 2 day's ago. In my tank i have 4 guppy's and 2 platy's. unlike other tanks my tank is buried in soil, cemented on it's sides and bottom. Now i wan't your precious suggestion's and...
  2. R

    Scissortail rasbora

    hi I am wondering if anyone can help me Have recently set up a 54litre tropical tank. Tank was running empty for 3/4 days before adding fish. I have added 5 scissortail rasboras as my ‘starting fish’. The first 2 days they were absolutely fine, seemed very happy and were eating (fed every other...
  3. David J

    Surface Agitation - How Necessary?

    Hi I am still setting up and not yet started my cycle. Waiting on a test kit which I might get tomorrow. I have my filter (fluval U2) set up. At the moment it is completely submerged and I have it set to the middle spray bar. This obviously creates a slight current in the water and if I...