1. Zikofski

    Zikofski new tank 110L / 24G

    I set this tank up a couple of months ago on 30th December, thought I should share what I have been doing and the struggles I have come across Tank is my Old 110L ADA 60H (45) I love these tanks for its super clean look and clear glass Lighting is my own custom made lights very high lighting...
  2. Cameronb_01

    Emptying/Refilling 450L Tank + 100% Substrate Swap Crisis

    Hi Guys, Two days ago, (almost exactly three years into the lifetime of my planted discus tank), I finally resolved to get rid of my horribly coloured and tacky, (as well as completely waste saturated), substrate and replace it with some new quality stuff which I'd had my eye on for quite a...
  3. cooledwhip

    Where Can I Get Cheap Tanks And Stuff?

    I was on and was looking at some rimless tanks to start a new micro aquascape but they are so expensive. Not only that but the shipping is outrageous. It would cost me nearly $80 for a 4 gallon tank. Anywhere else I can buy cheap tanks and materials for aquascaping? Thanks
  4. Zikofski

    Zikofski's Ada 60H (45) Iwagumi Tank Journal

    this is my second tank and i decided to take a different approach to this tank, usually i go for a jungle style tank densely planted and lots of difference species but wit this tank i had been inspired by a load of videos and pictures online of the Japanese Iwagumi style tanks so if i wanted to...