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  1. animalisterra

    sump easier than Canister filter?

    Im am trying to find the right filter for the 75 tank I will be getting. I read that canister filters can be harder to maintain. What are the pros and cons of both?
  2. animalisterra

    stocking for 75 gallon

    I will soon be getting a 75 gallon tank. I am planning on putting a Senegal Bichir in it and have been trying to find possible tankmates for it. I was thinking of Dwarf Petricola catfish, Neolamprologus Bricari, Neolamprologus leleupi, Julidochromis, and maybe an African knife fish. I was also...
  3. TheCoolWolf

    Should I add small fish?

    I am planning on having Glowlight tetras, Harlequins, Cherry barbs and Black neons in my established 75G aquarium. Should I relocate some of my other fish that are already in there? Stocking list: 2" Pearl danios (x10) 3" Beardless barbs (x3) 4" Hard-lipped barbs (x4) 4" Bala shark (x1) 2"...
  4. L

    "adopted" Some Fish...what Else Can I Get?

    Hello! I've recently adopted some fish from a relative who decided they no longer wanted their aquarium. Luckily, I had a 75 gallon just sitting here that I've wanted to set up again. They gave me the fish, some decorations, some plants, and a Magnum 350 filter. Score! :) These are the...