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  1. gilltyascharged

    Stocking Poll, Round #2: I've Narrowed Down the Nanos.

    Due to a few technical difficulties (read: me being unable to figure out how to change settings on a poll), I decided to revamp and roll out a new and updated version of my original "Needing Help Deciding on What to Put in 6.6g/25L Tank!" poll. Tank Information- Dimensions are 16"/41cm x...
  2. gilltyascharged

    Killifish for 6.6g or Smaller Tank(s)?

    Recently I've been thinking about stocking my 6.6g long tank again, and decided I wanted to try something other than Betta splendens for once. While dwarf puffers, anabantoids, and possibly dwarf rasbora have been considered as possible residents, are there any killifish species that do well in...
  3. gilltyascharged

    Thinking About Anabantoid in 6.6g (25l) Tank...Suggestions/Ideas Welcome!

    So, I have a 6.6gal tank (16" long/8.5" deep/11.2" tall) that I am hoping to stock with centerpiece anabantoid. In the past I've kept male B. splendens, but am hoping to branch out a bit. The tank has a Marineland Penguin 100B HOB filter, although I've figured out how to the slow down the...