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  1. E

    55 Gallon - How's my stocking?

    Hi guys, wanted to know peoples opinions on my stocking level, as I think I have some issues regarding my rainbows... 6 x Melanotaenia praecox (2M/4F) 3 x Melanotaenia lucastris (3M - though aggression is minimal) 1 x Melanotaenia boesmani (1F - Hybrid - thought to be a lacustris when bought...
  2. J

    Unsafe Stand?

    Hi all! Purchased a used stand on craigslist. Know very little about its history (even less about carpentry) and I'm wondering if it's safe to carry a glass 55 gallon tank. The stand seems to be an odd mixture of over- and under-engineering. I'll put pictures in the first reply. I'm...
  3. E

    55 Gallon Stocking

    Hello, Just wanted to get some opinions on my stocking for a planted 55gal: 2 x German Blue Ram 5 x Pentazona Barb 6 x Silver Hatchetfish 8 x Cardinal Tetra 6 x Bronze Cory 6 x Adolfoi Cory And then if this goes well and I want more, I'll probably get a pair of Golden Rams. Thoughts?
  4. A

    Stocking 55g tank

    Idea for multiple fish to interact with a bichir peacefully, Dgh 2.5 pH 7.5
  5. mrstwalker

    55Gal Heater Or Heaters - Help!

    Would it be better to buy 2 smaller heaters for a 55 gallon tank for each end of the tank or would 1 300watt for up to 75 gallons heat the tank evenly?? Thanks!!!
  6. mrstwalker


    Just bought a 55 gallon tank and beautiful oak stand for $50. All i have to do now is buy the extras.. lid,lights,filter,heater ect. and I can get this baby up and cycling! :) so happy!!
  7. Zeoth

    Super Aggressive Rusties

    Hey guys,   So I have a 55 Gal with the following stock:   Yellow-Tailed Acei x7 Yellow Lab x  7 Demonasi x1 Rusties x7 All fish are juveniles,the largest fish are 3 inches max at best.   The rusties are by far the most aggressive fish in the tank. They chase other fish, who come even remotly...
  8. jwalser18

    My Tanks

    So,   I've been in the hobby ~5 months, and was a long time viewer of this forum and finally decided to join not to long ago. I currently have 3 tanks running and 4 sitting in my spare bedroom until I figure out what I want to do with them   So, I'll run though all the tanks I have!       55...
  9. silenthawk2x3

    Amazon 55 Gallon Aquarium - Dirt And Plants!

    I am setting up a 55 gallon amazon themed, planted, dirted, generally awesome tank as soon as this semester is over. I have 5 angels that I have been raising for 4 months, and their bodies are silver dollar sized so it's time for my first "big" tank. I've been doing low tech planted tanks for a...