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  1. tkoalas

    Hi! I am new here

    Hi! I am new here, and trying to find a community that can help when I need it. I love to do research, but there is only so far that research can get you. I have a 5 gallon tank I am currently cycling (fishless) for my betta named Glimmer (male halfmoon). He currently lives in a 1 gallon bowl...
  2. Barry Tetra

    Betta tank questions

    My LFS giveaway his 5 gal tank, I will make this tank for my betta (length 15 inches width 9.5 inches height 10 inches) can anyone suggest what type of soil should i use and how much soil do i need and are air stone bubbler necessary for betta?
  3. E

    Tropica Plant Growth System 60 Kit

    Hi, Anyone know if this kit is any good? http://www.petsathome.com/shop/en/pets/tropica-plant-growth-system-60 I've got it for a 5 gal. Thanks!
  4. Ch4rlie

    Yet Another Tank Journal By Ch4Rlie!

    Hello   Yup, its that time again.   MTS strikes once more in my household!! (Multiple Tank Syndrome for those unaware of that )   This time, due to the lack of space in my flat, there is no real room for another tank and have been formulating a plan in my mind for some time as my partneer...