45 gallon tank

  1. Z

    New 45 Gallon, stocking ideas.

    Hello, I just got a 45-gallon tank. I wonder what to do with it, as the original idea was shell-dwellers, but that was decided when I thought I was getting a 30 or 35, not a 45. I currently have a 30-gallon long nano community, a 10-gallon block Black Tiger Dario/Badis tank, an 80-gallon high...
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    Peacock Eel

    I Have a 45 gallon tank with 2 internal filters and a heater (not under gravel). I have two black Mollies that are going to go in the tank. I want to get a Peacock eel but I want to know a few things fist. My mollies are about 1 month old and about 2" long, by the time the eel is full grown will...