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  1. Circus

    A nice trade in!

    I traded 4 gallon bags of water lettuce for some celestial pearl danio for my 25 gallon hex tank! I also got an accidental shrimp. The CPDs are in with 8 pygmy corydoras and a bunch of cherry shrimp and some pond snails. They don't like to sit still, but here are some pictures of the tank.
  2. Circus

    25 Hex Tall Tank Mates

    So, I have 25 hex tank, it is about 10" on each side and 21" tall. I would say the footprint is about the same as 15 gallon. My ph is 7.4 and hardness about 110 ppm. Currently in the tank I have 8 pygmy corydoras, some cherry shrimp, and various pond and ramshorn snails (who I feed to my...
  3. shaziasadiqah

    Upgrading to 33gal Tank

    Hello, So, right now i have a 25gal community tank. i have a pair of honey gourami 12 ember tetra 6 albino corydoras if i upgrade the tank to a 33gal (so i can add more plants) can i add more fish? i really want 6 khuli loaches to join the community if that’s not gonna overstocked the tank...
  4. Circus

    How Many GloTetra in a 25 gallon?

    Right now I have 6 of the glotetra in a 25 gallon (my first fish I ever got). From my understanding they are basically white skirt tetra. How many should I have in my tank? I know "more is better" but how many more would my maximum be? I wanted to add some more green, as well as some standard...
  5. B

    New Cichlid Tank

    I currently own a ten gallon community tank I will get a 25 gallon tank for cichlids. So far i think i want Kribensis, Sun catfish,Electric yellow cichlids, and blue johanni cichlids. Will this work? How many of each species? Is the size ok?
  6. C

    New 25 Gallon Tank

    Thanks for your time, I currently have a perfect setup of a 28L AquaOne 320 but after one of my guppies giving birth to nine young I decided I should upgrade now before I encounter an overstocking issue. I have purchased a 25 Gallon tank you can see below: http://i49.tinypic.com/5cj37s.jpg I...