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  1. cooledwhip

    20 Gallon Long Aquascape.. I Kinda Messed Up And It Looks Ugly

    Hey everyone. So I recently got a 20 gallon long and want to turn it into a planted tank/aquascape. I love aquascapes, they look so beautiful but I tried to set up my tank and it just looks ugly REALLY ugly. The two pieces of drift wood I got are ugly and I just don't like them at all. I also...
  2. D

    New 20 Gallon Need Help!

    ok so i just got a new 20 gallon tank. And i want to put tiger barbs in it. How many tigers can i put in and what other fish could be compatible with them? also i wanted to add some red cherry shrimp will the barbs eat them?
  3. GriffinC18

    20 Gal- 40 Gal Tanks

    So i have been looking for a 20-40 gallon tanks, for a decent price. I have yet to really find what i am looking for, so i thought why not ask the people who own fish?   It can be a setup (one that includes the filter and heater in box) if the price is decent.   or just the aquarium that you...
  4. simonero

    Does This Make Sense?

    I just set up a 20g tank.  I put in a used whisper filter from my other tank (happened to be good timing, just replaced it) as biomedia to speed up the cycling process.   Then I dumped in a whole bunch of blackworms thinking they would produce ammonia + eventually die to add to the bacteria in...
  5. ChaseO

    Filter For 20G Reef Tank

    New to saltwater aquariums, I have had a freshwater aquarium before but want to get started with salt water aquarium. I have a 20 gallon long aquarium. I want to get a filter for it, that will be suitable for corals in the future anemones, and fish. I don't want to spend over hundred and $120...
  6. J

    Sponge Filter

    Hi, I have a 20g long aquarium with a standard filter. I want to swap the standard filter for a sponge filter to help my molly fry to survive. My aquarium is also planted so would I need a power head? Has anyone got any advice or recommend a sponge filter for a 20g aquarium? Thanks
  7. M

    20G Stocking? Including Scarlet Badis...

    My other tank is now cycled and the 1 species I really want is red scarlet indian badis (dario dario). They are very small and timid, slow movers and easily out competed for food. I know they're not ideal tank mates for alot of fish but does anyone have any suggestions for me? Dimensions are...
  8. Ny82

    New Project - Barb Tank

    Hi guys, today I picked up another steal of the century. A marina 95L tank. Think that's about 20 gallons. The only problem was I had to take the 3 tiger barbs. I have never seen tiger barbs this big before  I was wanting rams but if I like these barbs then I will up the numbers and maybe get...