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  1. glasgowgirl_786

    Juwel Rio 180 Powerhead Help!

    Hey everyone :)   Hoping someone can help me, this is my first post so be easy! Lol I set up my new juwel rio 180 on Thursday. Everything was great it was virtually silent but last night it just just randomly started making a humming noise. It isn't really loud but is irritating in the night...
  2. D

    Rio 180 Tank Replacement Bulbs

    Hello,   I have just purchased and collected a used Juwel Rio 180 Tank from ebay.   Great condition, it just needs a VERY good clean.   The only thing wrong with it, I'm told, is that the lights do not work and I require replacement bulbs.   I'm just not sure which ones ones.   I've taken one of...
  3. johnhutch2000

    Juwel Rio 180 Blown Lighting Unit - Led Replacement?

    Hiya folks, I'm looking for some opinions, advice on replacing my Juwel 180 92cm T8 bulb lid lights. They've literally died on me today. I've tried new spare bulbs, fuses and the switch and nothing. So I want to change up to something better.   Has anyone got any good LED or T5 replacement...
  4. Y

    Angelfish & Dwarf Cichlids ?

    Ive got a Juwel Rio 180 with current stock of: 6 Angelfish (2 Gold Marble, 2 Koi Blue Flash, 1 Albino Scribble, 1 Platinum Silver) 4 Gouramis (2 Pearl, 2 Opaline) 2 Paradise fish 1 Clown Loach   I was wondering if I could get some dwarf Cichlids to go in the tank ?! If so, what ones could I get...