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125 gallon stocking

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  1. F

    help me stock my first 125 gallon?

    ive had 55 gallon planted tanks for a while with zebra parrots and pacman Cichlid also have well as rainbow fish. i just got my first 125 gallon tank and want to plan it out before i get it set up and need help with stocking ideas and how many fish... Im not looking for oscars at the moment the...
  2. Juliak

    Black ghost knife fish and bichir tank size suggests

    A few weeks ago I was able to buy some fish for my future large tank and I was hoping some of you would have some suggestions. As of right now I have a 2" black ghost knife fish with 2 delhezi bichirs (3-4"), 1 Senegal bichir (2"), 2 rope fish (12"), 1 giant Danio (2.5"), 1 dojo loach (5") and 1...