10gallon tank

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  1. O

    My 10gal Blackwater tank

    Some photos of what I have in my 10gal tank.
  2. FloridaChick

    Karen from Fort Lauderdale Florida

    I'm fairly new to fish. Got freshwater aquariums and slowly added to them. I have a male betta I "rescued" fromPetsmart, 3 small kuhli Loaches and a few mystery snails in a 4 gallon tank and ummm (don't judge me ?) a 10 gallon tank with 6 female bettas (they get along fine), 5 tetras, 3 kuhli...
  3. T

    Betta In A 10G Community Tank.

    First off, I want to know if this is even possible. If it isn't, I will back off this idea entirely and put my betta in by himself. If it is even possible, I would like to know if I could put 5 neon tetra in with him. I have a separate tank ready in case anything goes south. I will properly...