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    What Fish Do You Regret Buying?

    Scissortail rasboras. I got 8 of them for my 55 gallon. I grew pretty attached to them considering that I did not have them very long. I had my first experience with columnaris with them. They all died within a day of me noticing that they were sick. And getting eaten alive by bacteria sounds...
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    Fish keeping absolutes

    I honestly think there should be a legal minimum for healthy adult bettas at 2.5 gallons in homes (and maybe 0.5 gallons in stores), but 1 gallon might be a more realistic start. Also they would have to still be allowed in cups during transportation. I also think that if a young child is keeping...
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    Do not use anti-biotics unless you know what the problem is.

    Do I use antibiotics if my cat scratches or bites me? And do I use antibiotics in an aquarium if half the fish suddenly died from what seems to be columnaris?
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    Very bloated betta

    I’ll test the water in my own aquarium to make sure it is not that hard. I will also give my mom my kanamycin sulfate medicine.
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    Very bloated betta

    Thank you for the help!
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    Very bloated betta

    The hardness could only be measured up to 300 though
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    Very bloated betta

    The hardness seems to be the issue. Nitrate- 20 Nitrite- 0 Hardness- 300 Chlorine- 0 Alkalinity- about 150 pH- about 8
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    Very bloated betta

    She is a female betta, so she is kept with zebra danios, White Cloud Mountain minnows, kuhli loaches, and a bristlenose pleco. I do not know the water perimeters yet. The scales do look like they are sticking out, and her fins might be shorter than before. My mom has had her for a year and a...
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    Very bloated betta

    My mom’s betta started getting bloated within the last 1-2 weeks. She has a 37 gallon aquarium. All of the other fish in the community tank seem fine. Here is a picture from before she was sick: Here is her now:
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    Are My Pearl Gouramis Going to Have Eggs?

    Sorry I haven’t replied. The female got a bit sick which caused them to stop for a bit. I gave her some medicine and she got better. She is just starting to interact with the male again. I will get a picture of it when I can. Thank you for the helpful advice!
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    Are My Pearl Gouramis Going to Have Eggs?

    I have two pearl gouramis in a 55 gallon aquarium with 4 female bettas, 4 peacock gudgeons, a bristlenose pleco, and some assassin snails. I got the gouramis when they were babies, and one turned out to be male and the other turned out to be female. The male's chest turned orange and he started...