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    Freshwater Pipefish Advice

    I wouldn't keep them with any other fish ( maybe tiny microrasbora being the exception ), also make sure to feed them as often as you can 3+ times per day, however if you keep your plankton cultures going well, when you add a net full of culture it should have plenty of things for them to hunt...
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    Fish Identification

    It's a bristlenose pleco. They get about 5", females don't get bristles (yours is probably female though it looks pretty small still), get a another female and a male (every lfs should have HEAPS of bristlenose), soft slightly acidic water, plenty of wood in the tank, and lots of caves, they...
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    Look What I Just Got!

    Could it be the pleco getting to the nest?
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    Look What I Just Got!

    Chances are a pleco at night will find the nest and eat all the eggs whilst the parents are asleep.
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    Look What I Just Got!

    I think you should be fine doing a water change. Chances are no spawn will survive with a pleco in the tank anyway.
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    Rope/reed Fish And Butterfly Fish

    I keep my butterfly with yellow tail Congo tetras and a jewel cichlid. Skirt tetras should be fine as long they don't nip the trailing fin filaments. What kind of loaches? Most species I think would be fine.
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    5 Things You Want For Your Aquarium?

    Seneye is one I can think of.
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    Want To See Other Freshwater Tropical Aquariums?

    This is one of my tanks incarations. It has a jewel cichlid and butterfly fish with a school of Congo tetras. This one was going to be for bumble bee gobys but I never got the fish :S This one had a little pair of kribensis: South American theme: Betta tank: Golden Medaka...
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    Fish Maturation And Colour Change Experiences?

    Sounds stunning! If you could get some footage or photos I'd love to see! The only ones I generally see are shop juveniles and they always look pretty washed out.
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    Fish Maturation And Colour Change Experiences?

    They're fine together, it's in with 7 yellowtail congos and 1african butterfly.
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    Fish Maturation And Colour Change Experiences?

    My kribensis used took beautiful in breeding condition, but relatively bland when not breeding. Haha yeah I took a bit of a risk! It's paid off though. I've kept it solo, for fear of a breeding pair of jewels! I hear they're horrible! Yep, a female yellow tail Congo :)
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    Fish Maturation And Colour Change Experiences?

    That was my jewel at the start of the year. Well, things have definitely changed! Taken a couple of days ago! A bit of an ugly duckling story if you ask me! This has been the fist fish species I've kept that has had such an intense colour change as it has aged...
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    More Rummies Or Some Neons

    I think chilli rasbora would probably get eaten by the kribs.
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    Blue Acara's Lacking Colour

    There's a range of possibilities. First of all though, your water parameters are looking fine, no problem there. Cichlids generally show the most colour when breeding, that salvini I see would look almost unrecognisable if breeding. Sub-dominant fish will also show less colours. Personally...