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    Hozelock filter lamp change

    Do I need to get the filter above the level of the pond to stop water siphoning out once I remove the lamp housing? Going to change the lamp on mine and want to make sure I don't empty the pond over the garden .
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    Recommendation for Roma 125 / noisy filter

    The tubing on my Oase doesn't go straight up and it's super quiet. I've tidied it up quite a bit now once I moved the shelf and previously had more links and bends in them.
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    Removing an internal filter.

    I did order a fluval but exchanged it for the Oase, the inlet and outlet pipes were a bit higher so the lid didn't sit flush and would have need some modifications to the lid.
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    Removing an internal filter.

    Easy to do in the end, suggestions used in the thread. Went for an oase biomaster therm in the end so heater wasn't in the tank.
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    Fish update

    So what's he suggest for Kents hard water ?
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    Fish update

    that's come up on my Facebook feed, nice stock list ?
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    Fish update

    Where's that then ?
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    Aquarium plants for sale

    Plants arrived this morning, excellent quality thanks.
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    How much media to put in a canister filter

    Have a look at this , might be of some use ?
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    Fluval Roma 240 filter advice ?

    An excellent filter. This is worth a watch too.
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    Aquarium Heater

    the same could be said for most thermometers ?
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    digital thermometer

    Unless you buy a calibrated one you could buy anything cheap. Found this on a simple search but not bought myself
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    I was considering the Fluval 307 but decided having the heater in the cannister was a better idea on a smaller tank. The prefilter is brilliant, I did my first clean this week and the internal sponges were pretty much spotless, so maintenance is going to be so much easier.