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    Aquarium Ambience : Giant Snakeheads

    Aquarium Ambience : Channa micropeltes
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    Jurassic Park Style : My Snakehead Fish Tank

    Do not move a muscle.. :p
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    Snakehead Paradise : Platinum Northern Snakeheads

    One of the best Snakehead fish I've ever cared for is the Platinum Northern Snakeheads (Channa argus). They are very beautiful variants and some look brighter than others. Sharing with you today are my two beauties male and female. Video 1 Video 2 Pics
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    My Platinum Northern Snakeheads (Channa argus)

    Thank you, Goldfishgirl35! :D Haha, thank you, HoldenOn. :) Thank you! Yes, I would hate it if I could never be near Snakehead fish. :D Light & Thunder
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    Channa Micropeltes (Giant Snakehead) unexpected death

    I'm sorry for your loss. How big were your Snakeheads and did they vomit their food before death? I had very beautiful juvenile Giant Snakeheads last year with awesome personalities. I fed them prawns from the market and they vomited them later and died. I never feed prawns anymore, they must...
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    What kind of snakehead is it?

    Definitely not Channa bleheri. Should be a Channa gachua variant :
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    Snakehead Paradise: Giant Snakeheads Feeding

    Greetings from Snakehead Paradise. If you are a Snakehead fish lover, Snakehead Paradise is for you. Today I would like to share my beautiful Giant Snakeheads (Channa micropeltes). Video 1: Video 2:
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    My Platinum Northern Snakeheads (Channa argus)

    Hello, these are my Platinum Northern Snakeheads (Channa argus) male & female. The female is named Light for Lightning because she's fast and bright and the male is named Thunder because he's loud and makes a mess during feeding. You can watch their videos here : 1) 2) Light Thunder
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    Greetings, from Snakehead Paradise

    Greetings from Malaysia, I have been a Snakehead fish lover since childhood. One day my parents took me to my uncle's house and there I saw what was a big Giant Snakehead fish (Channa micropeltes) in his aquarium. I was intrigued, and although I did not dare step close to the tank, it was a love...