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    Contrary to others here, I'd recommend mystery snails they can get around an inch or so but I have a planted tank and they seem to be doing well. The only way they can breed is if you don't have the water level all the way to the top. I've accidentally gotten some by doing that but I only really...
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    Two spot barb with a Bent spine

    I saw that this barb had a bent spine in my 110 gallon and seemed to keep getting stuck in the plants. I removed them and quarantined for about a month. They seem to have adjusted to swimming with a bent spine. They are still fairly active and move around when I get close to the tank. They have...
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    Mystery snail shells degrading

    Thank you for the advice, I got some crushed coral and my ph has increased to 6.4 along with my kh to 2.
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    Mystery snail shells degrading

    What kind of seashell? I don't have a very large filter for this tank would crushed coral in it work instead?
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    Mystery snail shells degrading

    I have a cuttlebone in both the 110 and the 20 they are currently in but it doesn't seem to be helping.
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    Mystery snail shells degrading

    I have multiple tanks but they all seem to be having issues with keeping the PH up. I have a 110 gallon that I just tested and it has a PH of 7.2 but I removed them from that tank because that was the tank that was eating their shells. 110 parameters PH-7.2 Ammonia-0ppm Nitrite-0ppm...
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    Mystery snail shells degrading

    I have some mystery snails where the shells are dissolving into the water from what I can tell it is most apparent on my white one (attached photos). Does anyone know the fastest way to help the snails regain their shells? The tank they are currently housed in is planted, there are 4 mystery...
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    Zebra Danio having difficulting swiming

    The tank has been set up for well over a year now. It is a 20 gallon. I do a water change around once a month and change about half the tank water. Ph-6.8 Ammonia- 0ppm nitrite- 0ppm Nitrate- 0ppm He doesn't act as if he is on his last leg, just as if he can't keep himself upright. He is not...
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    Zebra Danio having difficulting swiming

    This seemed to have recently started and im not quite sure what the cause is. He seems to be still fairly active but he's swimming by like wiggling and keeps flipping upside down. His fins are all intact so I know that's not the issue. I'm not sure whats going on or how serious this is so any...
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