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    Are these worms in my tank?

    Hi thanks for the replies, I believe it was fish poop- wasn’t moving when I turned off filter and bubblers.
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    Are these worms in my tank?

    Hi, Can someone identify if these are worms? If so should I be concerned?
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    Are these white patches normal on plecos?

    Ok good info, will buy more plants/decor so it will have more hiding places.
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    Are these white patches normal on plecos?

    Ok I appreciate the replies, I will increase the frequency of feeding. I was giving it a pleco wafer every other day , I figured it was getting enough from the tank algae and the uneaten food. Typically how many algae wafer should I be giving it?
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    Are these white patches normal on plecos?

    Hello, I just wanted to know if these patches are normal on plecos? Should I be concerned?
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    Vinyl coated paper clips safe for aquarium?

    I have have replaced the intake tube on my Aqueon quietflow 10 with a 0.5 inch PEX tube. I am thinking about inserting vinyl coated paper clip in the opening to prevent any fishes from getting sucked in— will this be fine?
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    Ideally how far down should filter intake be?

    How far down should filter intake tube be? Should it be at least halfway or should it be as close to the substrate as possible? ...Btw I have a HOB filter.
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    Need to extend intake tube for my filter— PVC or pex pipe?

    Ok I will go with PEX since it’s available in blue so it will blend in with my background. Typically how much distance should there be between the intake tube and substrate?
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    Are larger air stone bubbles better than smaller air bubbles?

    Is it better to adjust the airflow to have larger bubbles coming from airstone/ornament or are finer bubbles better ?
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    Need to extend intake tube for my filter— PVC or pex pipe?

    I have an Aqueon 15 gallon column tank and the provided Aqueon Quietflow filter 10 intake tube is too short so I would like to extend the tube. Which tube should I get - PVC or pex?
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    Is it safe to use hydrogen peroxide to remove algae in tank?

    I have a tank with guppies and danios and I have some issues with algae. Can hydrogen peroxide be used to remove the algae? I have 3% hydrogen peroxide- so how much ml per gallon of tank do I add ? I have no live plants- will addition of live plants reduce algae growth?
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    bristlenose pleco or is it a common pleco?

    thanks, can you tell if it’s a male or female from this pic?